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Converting traffic for your products & services

You are looking for great converting traffic for your own product or service? TONIC. traffic helps you to reach this aim! Send users with high interest in your product to your landing page to boost your conversions. Target keywords or categories that fits best and receive traffic from domains that are connected to your offer.

Create a PPR campaign with keywords or categories as campaign type.

Brand awareness for your products & services

You want to increase the number of visitors to your homepage? Try our RON campaigns! With TONIC. you are able to buy RON (Run on Network) traffic. That means you won’t bid on a specific keyword or category. You are bidding on all traffic that fits to the selected country and the other targeting you made. This will increase the brand awareness of your products & services in the selected country.

Create a POP or PPR campaign with RON as campaign type.

​Worldwide traffic

You are selling your products or services worldwide? No problem for us. We have traffic for all geos around the world. Within the campaign creation process you have to select one country per campaign. If you want to promote the same offer in other countries you can easily copy your campaign and change the geo. This takes less than 20 seconds!

Example: bodybuilding offer

If your brand sells bodybuilding products in the US, you target the keyword “bodybuilding” within a PPR campaign and select other targeting options like device, browser, OS and many more.

After starting your campaign you can get traffic from domains that are connected with that keyword, e.g. if your bid wins (Real-Time-Bidding).
That means that a user who types in the domain will be will be redirected to your service or product.

Easy and fast campaign creation

Creating a campaign with TONIC. is very easy. It takes you just 3 minutes! Within the campaign creation you can always see the number of possible unique users for your targeting. Check out our two campaigns steps and see how simple it is to start buying TONIC. traffic or watch our video:

How we work with Brands

We have a very close partnership to our brand clients. In frequent calls and personal meetings we discuss how we can optimize campaigns and boost your success with TONIC. traffic. You can also talk to us on annual affiliate events in Berlin, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, New York City and Las Vegas.

TONIC. facts for Brands

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