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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TONIC.?

TONIC. is a Zero-Click / CPV advertising network that gives you access to more than 1 billion unique visitors a month from high converting direct navigation traffic. Traffic starts at USD 0.002 per unique visitor and we offer full geo-targeting, mobile targeting (including device- and carrier targeting) as well as keyword bidding. A stat market analysis demonstrated that our traffic source (direct navigation traffic) converts at 4.23% while search engine traffic converts only at 2.30%.

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Where does the traffic come from? Who are the publishers?

The traffic available on TONIC. comes mainly from parked domains. We work with large domain traffic aggregators like parking companies ( and domain registrars as well as individual domainers. They make their traffic available on TONIC., which is then auctioned off through our self service platform to our direct advertisers.

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What kind of ad types does TONIC. offer?

We have Zero-Click (PPR) and Pop-Up (PPV) ads.

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What does PPR stand for?

PPR stands for »Pay Per Redirect«, also called »Zero Click« or »0click«.

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How does Zero-Click (PPR) Work?

A user types a domain name into the browser bar and gets redirected to the advertiser page. So the user is redirected to the landing page right after entering the domain name. Therefore no ad creative or further user interaction is needed. This is why it is also referred to as a Zero Click model. This is a great ad type for buying a lot of clicks.

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Do you have an example of a Zero-Click (PPR) ad implementation?

Yes, please type into your browser bar and hit enter.

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I normally buy CPV. What is the difference between CPV and Zero-Click (PPR)? What is better?

If you are used to running CPV campaigns by targeting URLs, you will love PPR. In a CPV campaign, your landing page or creative is opened on top of the URL you are targeting (usually in a new window). In the PPR model you can target keywords just like you would usually target URLs. The user will only be redirected to your landing page or creative though and won’t be distracted by an underlying browser window. This ensures much higher user engagement than under the regular CPV model.

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What is the model your charges are based on (i.e. CPC, CPM, CPV, Flat Rate, etc.)?

CPC. You pay for every redirect.

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What type of creatives do I need as an advertiser?

All you need is the URL of your landing page.

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How do I set the correct CPC for my campaign?

We give you an average bid and a high bid in our interface. To hit the correct CPC you have to know what you want. Bidding below the average bid will get you none to very little traffic. Bidding between the average and the high bid will get you reasonable traffic for a fair price. Bidding above the high bid will give you most traffic and best quality. If that is not enough increase your bid even more to get all traffic.

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What countries can I run on (Just USA? Or EU, AU, South America, etc.)?

We have global coverage. With the biggest GEOs being as follows: 1. North America 2. Europe 3. LatAM 4. Asia
For detailed numbers on coverage please check our all new Traffic Estimator inside your TONIC. account. It will show you detailed numbers on volumes per country, ad-type, keyword/category etc.

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Is there a minimum spend?

Minimum funding is $100 via PayPal. Any PayPal fees that may apply will be deducted from your balance. We may charge a $15 administrative fee for refunds.

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Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds for remaining balances but not for received traffic that did not convert.
We may charge a $15 administrative fee for refunds. Refunds can take up to 1 week to process.

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Are there certain verticals that perform better on your network than others?

Since you can target by keywords and categories, you should be able to find high performing traffic for any vertical. There is a new feature inside your TONIC. account called the »Traffic Estimator«. It can show you volumes available and average/high CPCs for your desired targeting. Our support can provide you with keyword lists but only per country and ad type.
Please note that the keywords you are targeting on have to match your promoted content/landing page, a violation will lead to account suspension.

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How many clicks do you have available?

We currently have more than 1.5 billion clicks/month available.

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How can I fund my account?

You will have to fund your account before you can start running your campaigns. The minimum for a funding by PayPal is $100 and the minimum for funding by wire is $1,000. Any PayPal fees that may apply will be deducted from your balance.

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VAT-ID / EU customers

Due to new EU tax regulations, starting Jan 1st 2015, we can not accept EU customers without valid VAT-ID in TONIC. anymore, even if they are private persons and don’t run a company. German customers can sign up without VAT-ID but we will have to deduct the VAT-ID from the spendings.

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What is the difference between Adult and Non-Adult traffic?

Non-Adult traffic is brand safe traffic containing no adult searches. Adult traffic is coming from properties or searches classified as adult.

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What mobile targeting options are there?

You can target via carrier, operating system (iOS, Android, …) and device (tablet or smartphone).

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Can I do geo-targeting?

Yes, for any country you want.

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How can I use the Source ID to track sources and optimize my campaign?

We provide source ids which are numbers that represent the single domains / sources from which you get your traffic. You can track your incoming traffic from these sources by adding the source id to your URL as a parameter and then using your analytics to find performing sources and excluding non performing ones.

You can track source IDs by adding the following parameter [sourceid]. Here an example: something.html?source=[sourceid]. These IDs can than be excluded from the traffic or be specifically included in step 4 of the TONIC. campaign manager.

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How can I track keywords?

You can track keywords very similar to how you can track source ids

You can track keywords by adding the following parameter [match]: something.html?keyword=[match].

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Are there other parameters I can use in the URL?

[cpc] = cpc for the click
[match] = will have the keywords in keywords campaigns or the category in category campaigns
[carrier] = will show a carrier code from which carrier the traffic came
[mob_pf] = will show the mobile platform the click came from
[country] = will add the country code to your URL
[sourceid] = will show the domain where the traffic is coming from
[browser] = will show the browser
[os] = will show the operating system
[device] = will show the device

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I setup my campaigns but I am not getting traffic. What’s going on?

Most likely your bid is not high enough or for keyword campaigns your keywords may be too specific, please try simpler broader terms.
Additionally, if this is a new campaign, please be patient. We manually check every campaign for quality and ad guideline compliance so this might take a few hours to a few days.

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How long does the campaign activation take?

We take great care in checking the campaigns that we allow to be taken live, so always make sure you are sticking to our GTC and are not promoting something which is not allowed by TONIC. and that your urls are working.

Normally the activation takes around 24h, but it can take up to 3 days because we do not activate campaigns on the weekend and we ask you to be patient, before contacting support.

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What am I not allowed to do with TONIC. traffic?

By buying traffic from TONIC. you agree to our GTC and that you will not direct traffic to landing pages that contain the following mechanisms / contents. This list should act as a guideline, can be extended at any time and does not conflict with the fact that TONIC. reserves the right to stop promotion of any landing page at any time at its sole discretion. We do check content on landing pages on a regular basis, please make sure you are in control of the content on the final landing page.
We reserve the right to immediately block any TONIC. account that violates these rules and ban it permanently from our network.
It is not allowed to promote the following content on TONIC.:

  • Google parked domains or Google Adsense
  • Real cash money games / gambling / casino
  • Any kind of pharmaceutical products or pills
  • Malware / Scareware / Phishing
  • Toolbars / downloads with toolbars / fake software updates
  • ANY downloads, except official app stores (Google, Apple, Microsoft…)
  • Explicit and/or illegal content
  • Landing pages in violation of legal provisions, privacy rights, trademarks and/or third party rights or offend common decency
  • Hardcore pornography (any sexual content that is not suitable for minors)
  • Sites pretending that the visitor has or may have a virus on his device (“Tech Support”)
  • Paid subscriptions without price information

Prohibited mechanisms on landing pages:

  • Pop up loops that can’t be closed by the user
  • More than one entry/exit pop up
  • Any mechanism that prevents the user from closing the browser window
  • Imitation of system error messages
  • Downloads / installations starting without user interaction
  • Alert sounds that distress users

We cannot make any exceptions from these rules, so please refrain from asking. Any violation will lead to immediate traffic stop and blocking of the TONIC. account.

We value our partnerships and are always willing and eager to accommodate our demand as well as supply partner’s requests, consequently, we take this seriously and we hope you do as well.

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I see my budget going down but I see no clicks in the interface?

Everything is working fine, but our stats for auctions and clicks can be 3–6 hours late before they show up in the interface.

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TONIC. traffic is not converting? Why?

There are many things that influence a conversion and it might not always be the traffic. We don’t guarantee that our traffic will convert without testing and optimization.
So it is very important to understand and test with the traffic even change landing pages to make it work really well.

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How can I delete or archive a campaign?

You can only archive a campaign that has been paused. Otherwise the archive icon (a little bin) doesn't appear.

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All of my daily spend was eaten in about 15 minutes, even after I paused the campaign

The traffic volume must have been very high (which is typical for RON campaigns). In that case, the campaign budget gets eaten up very quickly and in very rare occasions the spend of the past five minutes is not yet reflected in your interface numbers.

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Is it accurate that archived campaigns are still active unless you pause them in the live campaign screen?

An archived/deleted campaign is automatically paused and can only be archived/deleted when paused beforehand. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the system to realize that the campaign has been paused.

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Can you work with XML Feeds?

Yes, we accept new XML Advertisers and XML Publishers all the time. Please send us an email to for more information.

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How to optimize TONIC. campaigns

TONIC. has several features to help you improve your campaigns.

We have two parameters with which you can track your campaign clicks:
[sourceid] for domain source tracking – if you want to track the domains where the traffic is coming from.
[match] for keyword tracking – if you want to see which keyword triggered the click to your page.


Both of these parameters are to be used in step 3 of the campaign editor when you enter your URL. They are added as parameters to the URL you enter. Please check what parameters your tracking solutions accepts and adjust accordingly.
We recommend not to use Google Analytics as it has been proven unreliable especially with PPR and PPV traffic.
Please consider using a tracking solution that tracks on redirect basis and not via (embedded) JavaScript.

Simple Example[sourceid]&keyword=[match]
Hasoffers Example[match]&source=[sourceid]

Step 3 – Where to put the tracking

Both parameters will be replaced when a click occurs and is sent to you. [sourceid] will be replaced by a 24 digit number representing the domain where the traffic came from and [keyword] will be replaced by one or more words used as the keyword in the campaign.

You will be able to see the information of theses parameters in your analytics and tracking software. Some affiliate systems will let you track parameters as well.

This is important that you will only see the tracking information if you have your tracking or analytics setup correctly. You will not be able to see this information in the TONIC. interface.


With the keyword data you can now see which keywords in your campaign are converting and which ones are not. So you can increase and decrease bids accordingly.

The domain id offers to optimize the sources in two ways.

With the domain ids in the system you now know how much traffic is coming from each domain id to your landing page and if it is performing and converting or not.

You can then take the not performing domain ids and blacklist (means: exclude) these as a traffic source from your campaign in Step4 of the campaign manager.

For converting domain ids you can copy and duplicate your campaign and then in Step4 instead of excluding the domain ids ("Blacklisting") you can only bid on specific performing domains id and include them specifically ("Whitelisting"). Now you are only bidding on those performing domain ids. Now you can increase the bid as you know these perform well.

Step 4

These feature should be able to drastically improve the ROI of your campaigns.

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How can I get in touch with you?

The best way is to write to, and always be nice. Replies can take up to 4 days please be patient as we answer all your questions. If we don’t answer straight away your answer might just be a little bit more specific so we are taking more care in answering.

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