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What is TONIC.?

TONIC. is a Zero-Click / PPV advertising network that gives you access to more than 2 billion unique visitors a month from high converting direct navigation traffic. Traffic starts at USD 0.001 per unique visitor and we offer full geo-targeting, mobile targeting (including OS, device- and carrier targeting) as well as keyword and exclusive source ID bidding. A stat market analysis demonstrated that our traffic source (direct navigation traffic) converts at 4.23% while search engine traffic converts only at 2.30%.

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Where does the traffic come from? Who are the publishers?

The traffic’s origin is mostly parked domains. We work with large domain parking companies such as ParkingCrew which is our own in-house quality traffic source, domain registrars as well as domainers who park their domains with ParkingCrew or our other parking company traffic partners. This is then auctioned off through our real time bidding self-service platform to our direct advertisers.

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What kind of ad types does TONIC. offer?

We currently offer Zero-Click (PPR) and full page Pop (PPV) ads.
What is PPR?
PPR stands for “Pay Per Redirect”, also called “Zero Click” or “0click”.
What is PPV?
PPV stands for “Pay Per View”. Within our framework this can technically be seen as a redirect but the user doesn’t perceive it as one.

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How does Zero-Click (PPR) work?

A user types a domain address into the browser bar and gets redirected to the advertiser page. The user is redirected to the landing page right after entering the domain address. No ad creative or further user interaction is needed. This is why PPR is also referred to as a Zero Click model. This is a great ad type for buying a lot of clicks.

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Do you have an example of a Zero-Click (PPR) ad implementation?

Yes, please type into your browser bar and hit enter.

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What about POP (PPV) traffic?

The user visits a page that serves as a pop source for TONIC.. A full page pop appears. Technically, it can also be seen as a redirect but the user doesn’t perceive it as one.

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I normally buy CPV. What is the difference between PPV and Zero-Click (PPR)? Which is better?

If you are used to running PPV campaigns by targeting URLs, you will love PPR. In a PPV campaign, your landing page or creative is opened on top of the topic/website you are targeting (usually in a new window). In the PPR model you can target keywords just like you would usually target URLs. No further interaction is needed, the visitor will instantly be redirected to your landing page, without being disturbed by other windows, banners or concurring ads. The visitor is YOURS instantly.
This ensures a much higher user engagement than with the regular PPV model.

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What model are your charges based upon (i.e. CPC, CPM, CPV, Flat Rate, etc.)?

CPC/CPV. You pay for every visitor that we have redirected to the URL you provide. We don’t work on CPA/CPL/CPI/… basis, as it’s a fair bidding system per visitor.

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What type of creatives do I need as an advertiser?

All you need is the URL for the landing page you’d like to promote.

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Can you work with XML Feeds?

Yes, we do accept new XML (JSON) Advertisers and XML Publishers for our ad-types.
Due to integration efforts on our side, a new feed advertiser implementation requires a minimum account deposit of USD 3000 (non refundable). If you are interested in a feed integration, please make sure your system will be able to handle the bidding, as we will offer you millions of visitors per day.
We recommend you test the waters first and start buying traffic from our self-service bidding platform today.

For new publishers, we are only looking for exclusive inventories. We have no interest if you are only reselling. If you have exclusive inventory available, contact us right away!

For more information on both, feed-based buying + selling PPR and POP traffic, please shoot us an email at

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How many clicks does TONIC. globally have on average?

There are currently more than two billion unique visitors a month available.

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What countries can I target?

We have global coverage. In terms of volume our top 5 countries at the moment are the following:
For detailed numbers on coverage and various targeting options, please check the Traffic Estimator tool on our platform. It will predict numbers on volumes per country, ad-type, keyword, category etc. Please note that this is only an estimate as numbers fluctuate and can change every day.

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How to get started? How can I fund my account?

Before you can start running your campaigns you will have to fund your account and create at least one campaign. The minimum funding via PayPal is USD 100 and the minimum for funding via wire transfer is USD 1,000. Any PayPal or banking fees that may apply will be deducted from your balance automatically.

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VAT-ID / EU customers

Due to EU tax regulations, we can’t accept EU customers without a valid VAT-ID on This rule also applies to private individuals who don’t run a company. German customers can sign up without a VAT-ID but we will have to deduct the VAT from the account balance. Companies and individuals outside of the EU are not required to enter a VAT-ID.

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How long does the campaign activation take?

Our compliance team takes great care in checking each and every campaign before setting them live. Please make sure that you are adhering to our Terms and Conditions for Advertisers and only promoting ads that are allowed by TONIC.. Also make sure that your URLs are working correctly.
Please allow up to 3 working days (Germany; excluding weekends and German holidays) for your campaigns to be activated.

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What timezone is TONIC. in?

The TONIC. network is running on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and all statistics, reports and targeting options are based on UTC. Please adjust your campaigns accordingly.

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How do I set the correct CPC for my campaign?

In the campaign creation process we display an average CPC. Since we are a real time bidding platform, the bidding value varies daily. Bidding below the indicated average bid will get you none to very little traffic. Bidding between the average and the highest will get you reasonable traffic for a fair price. Bidding above the highest bid will give you most traffic. If you’re still not receiving enough traffic for your needs, try raising your bid subsequently until you reach the “sweet spot”.
We don’t have any influence on the bid amounts, the volume you will receive is highly dependent on how competitive your bid is on our platform.

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Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds for remaining balances but not for traffic received that did not convert.
We may charge a USD 15 administrative fee for refunds. Please be aware that it can take up to one week to process. If a refund is required please contact our support team via the support form in your TONIC. profile.

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Can I modify my email address/username after registration?

No, unfortunately, we are unable to change the account email address.
You need to create a new account with the replacement email address and manually transfer your campaigns over.
Should you wish to go ahead with the change, please inform us so that we can close the current account and transfer the remaining funds to the new one.

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I can’t log into my TONIC. account – what should I do?

There are several options that may help you to log in to your profile:

  1. Try a reload of the page before logging in again:
    For Mac users – press and hold cmd+shift+R
    For Windows – press and hold Shift + R
  2. Please make sure that your ad blocker doesn’t hinder the process by switching it off temporarily.
  3. Have you already tried to reset your password using the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page?

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What is the difference between Adult and Non-Adult traffic?

Non-Adult traffic is traffic containing no adult searches/topics. This is why our traffic is considered “brand-safe”.

Adult traffic is coming from properties or searches classified as adult. We can confirm that we do work with adult content however this is strictly limited to FSK 16. Anything other than this is strictly prohibited.

Soft core pornography is permissible, however hard core pornography with visible genitalia or explicit sexual intercourse is forbidden and we have to enforce account suspensions when these are found on your landing pages.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support department if you are not sure if your landing page is suitable.

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What are you not allowed to do with TONIC. traffic?

TONIC. reserves the right to stop promotion of landing pages at any time at its sole discretion. Our compliance team checks content on landing pages on a regular basis, please make sure you are in control of the content on the final landing page, especially with rotation offers.

By buying traffic from TONIC. you agree to our Terms and Conditions for Advertisers and that you will not direct traffic to landing pages that contain mechanisms / content as noted in our

Landing Page Rules

This list should act as a guideline. This may be extended at any time.

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Are there certain verticals that perform better on your network than others?

Since you can target by keywords and categories, you should be able to find high performing traffic for any vertical. There is a tool available inside your TONIC. account called Traffic Estimator. It can show you volumes and average bids available for your desired targeting. Please note that this is an estimate as numbers fluctuate.

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You are not receiving the desired traffic volume. What’s happening?

Most probably your bid is not high enough or in the case of keyword campaigns your keywords may be too specific, please try simpler, broader terms.
Additionally, if you have just signed up, please be patient. Our compliance team manually checks every campaign for quality and ad guideline compliance so this may take up to few hours or a couple of days until the authorisation process is finalised and the traffic starts.

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All of my daily spend was depleted in about 15 minutes, even after I paused the campaign

The traffic volume combined with your bid must have been very high (which is typical for RON campaigns). In this case, the campaign budget could be depleted very quickly and sometimes the displayed campaign stats can be delayed by a few minutes.

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TONIC. traffic is not converting? Why?

There are many factors that influence a conversion. Nobody can guarantee that traffic will convert without testing and optimisation.
It is very important to understand and test with traffic and even modify landing pages to make it work better. Please also take into account that the landing page design, wording and user flow are totally relevant to the conversion rate. The probability of a conversion will increase if your campaign targeting options match the target audience for the landing page as exact as possible.

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I see my budget declining but I see no clicks in the interface?

Ideally, everything is working fine, however our stats for auctions and clicks can sometimes show up delayed in the interface.

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How can I delete or archive a campaign?

In the campaign dashboard in the “Action” column there is an archive option available.

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Is it accurate that archived campaigns are still active unless you pause them in the live campaign screen?

It can take a few minutes after a campaign is paused/archived until it actually stops receiving traffic.

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Keyword campaign – How to enter keywords correctly

If you decide to run a keyword campaign, please be aware that the more complex the keywords are (e.g. three combined words or more), the more unlikely it is that the user will be redirected (since the results are based on domain names). For example if you are targeting the keyword “student loan apply form”, it is very unlikely that someone actually typed in “”. You should rather target everyone who typed in something related to “loans” or “student loans”.
Also note that the keywords you are targeting have to match your promoted content/landing page, any violations will lead to account suspension.

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Category campaign – What are they good for and which ones to choose

Category targeting is a compromise between very granular keyword targeting and an all available inventory RON option. A category consists of a stack of keywords relevant to the topic, maintained by TONIC.

To learn more about what each category consists of, and what they can be useful for, check out our detailed guide about Category campaign.

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How to optimise TONIC. campaigns/Tracking options

TONIC. has several features to help you improve your campaigns.
We have two parameters with which you can track your campaign clicks:

[sourceid] for domain source tracking – if you want to track the domains where the traffic is coming from.

[match] for keyword tracking – if you want to see which keyword triggered the click to your page.


Both of these parameters are to be used in step 2 of the campaign creating when you enter your URL. These are added as parameters to the URL you enter. Please check what parameters your tracking solutions accept and adjust accordingly.

For example:[sourceid]&keyword=[match]
Hasoffers Example [match]&source=[sourceid]

Tracking Example

Both parameters will be replaced when a click occurs and is sent to you. [sourceid] will be replaced by a 24 digit number representing the domain name where the traffic came from and [keyword] will be replaced by one or more words used as the keyword in the campaign (only on keyword-campaigns; in case of RON or category campaigns only “RON” or the selected category will be handed over).
You will be able to see the information of these parameters in your analytics and tracking software. Some affiliate networks will let you track parameters as well.
This is important since you will only see the tracking information if you have your tracking or analytics setup correctly. You will NOT be able to see this information in the TONIC. interface.

With the keyword data you can now see which keywords in your campaign deliver converting visitors for you and which ones are not. You can therefore increase and decrease bids accordingly.
The sourceID offers to optimise the sources in two ways.
With the sourceID in the system you now know how much traffic is coming from each sourceID to your landing page and if it is performing and converting or not.
You can then take the non performing sourceIDs and blacklist (means: exclude) these as a traffic source from your campaign in Step 4 of the campaign manager.
For well converting sourceIDs you can copy and duplicate your campaign and then in Step 4 instead of excluding the sourceIDs (“Blacklisting”) you can only bid on specific performing domains IDs and include them specifically (“Whitelisting”). Now you are only bidding on those performing domain IDs. Now you can increase the bid as you know these perform well.

This feature should be able to drastically improve the ROI of your campaigns.

SourceID Black- and Whitelisting
Conversion Tracking

TONIC. offers you a built-in conversion tracking system, to monitor the success of your campaigns at one glance on your dashboard. You can set up the conversion tracking and receive the postback URL in campaign creation step 2, under “Optional Advanced Settings”.

All details can be found in our TONIC. Conversion Tracking Documentation.

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How can I use the Source ID to track sources and optimize my campaign?

We provide source ids which are numbers that represent the single domains / sources from which you get your traffic. You can track your incoming traffic from these sources by adding the source id to your URL as a parameter and then using your analytics to find performing sources and excluding non performing ones.

You can track source IDs by adding the following parameter [sourceid]. Here an example: something.html?source=[sourceid]. These IDs can than be excluded from the traffic or be specifically included in step 4 of the TONIC. campaign manager.

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How can I track keywords?

You can track keywords very similar to how you can track source ids

You can track keywords by adding the following parameter [match]: something.html?keyword=[match].

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More on tracking parameters

Are there other parameters I can use in the URL?
[cpc] = cpc for the click
[match] = will have the keywords in keyword campaigns or the category in category campaigns
[carrier] = will show a carrier code from which carrier the traffic came
[mob_pf] = will show the mobile platform the click came from
[country] = will add the country code to your URL
[sourceid] = will show the domain where the traffic is coming from
[browser] = will show the browser
[os] = will show the operating system
[device] = will show the device
[clickid] = will hand over a unique redirect identifier, which is mandatory for our conversion tracking and can also be used for debugging/log files
[campaign_name] = will indicate the respective campaign
[campaign_id] = will indicate the ID of the respective campaign

External Tracking
We recommend NOT to use Google Analytics as it has been proven to be unreliable especially with our traffic. Please consider using a tracking solution that tracks on a redirect basis and not via (embedded) JavaScript. Every tracking tool that uses Javascript is linked to the browser and thus vulnerable to ad blockers etc. As for tracking solutions that work well with TONIC. traffic we can recommend Voluum. They understand how our traffic works technically and usually tracking and analysis work very well.

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Do you offer an API?

Yes, you can create and edit campaigns or pull stats with our TONIC. API. Please read our API documentation for more information.

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How can I get in touch with you?

Contact us via email at or use the support form that can be found in your account. Replies can take up to 4 days. Please be patient as we try to answer all of your questions as fast as we can.

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