Traffic monetiza­tion with TONIC. in a nutshell.

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Looking for an effective way to make the most out of your traffic? With TONIC. it’s as easy as it gets. Monetize your traffic globally with over 1.000 offers starting today and watch your revenues take off!

What our platform offers

Why TONIC. rocks!

  • We monetize your Search, Display, Native and Social traffic with the best search feed in the industry
  • We serve over 1.000 offers globally in all kinds of verticals with almost unlimited demand
  • We offer a 100% self service platform with built-in auto-optimization
  • We provide granular real-time tracking via API and S2S calls
  • We assist with advice and support, contact your personal Account Manager at any time

Click Path Example

Everything in the flow

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  1. Links are integrated e.g. on a news- or content-page
  2. The TONIC. system takes over
  3. After clicking, the user specifies their interest further by chosing from topic related keywords
  4. On the results page, high EPC ads are presented

As the user’s interest is qualified twice in this flow, the traffic is highly targeted and you can expect it to convert extremely well.

Whatever you need

We care about you.

You are not sure if you have set up your campaign correctly? You require the latest information about the hottest verticals of the moment? We got you: Our dedicated Account Management team is happy to assist you with all the questions that you may have.

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Made in Germany

From Munich with ❤

As a German company we have to comply with German laws and high quality standards.
We love to work and live in Munich, but you can also meet us in person on several events around the world – first and foremost of course on the Octoberfest.

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