New User Interface & Targeting Options

The way to our new platform TONIC.

Over the past 16 months, we have been busy building a new brand and more importantly, a totally new platform from scratch.

As a first step, we changed the name from DNTX (Domain Name Traffic eXchange) to a more catchy and generic name, TONIC.

As second step, in June 2016, we added a user interface for email and display publishers.

Finally, our completely redesigned user interface for advertisers is now available. Our main objective was to build a platform that combines the latest technology in our industry with the best potential to optimize your ROI. A whole range of great new features are waiting be be discovered!

1. Migration process

We started to migrate all existing TONIC. customers to our new user interface. There is, therefore, no need to apply for a new account. It is possible, that you will receive an email if any of your existing campaigns couldn’t be migrated to the new system due to changes to our bidding system. The support team will assist you in this process.

When the process is finished, you will receive an email confirming that you can start working with the new user interface. In the meantime, please use our existing user interface

You will find the new UI under

Please note, that you can’t receive traffic or funds to your account in the new user interface until the migration process has finished and you receive a confirmation email from us. It is, however,  possible to create campaigns in the new UI.

TONIC. brings self-service platform for advertisers and publishers under one roof.

With our new technology, we will provide:

2. Redesigned user interface

Our new user interface has been given a completely new look. With a much more intuitive interface, we created an easy to handle platform for our customers. Our new menu bar gives you a great overview of all possible traffic types. Each ad type has their own section and the dashboard summarizes all important stats in one place. From now on, you are able to use folders to group your campaigns in different verticals or sections. You will love it!


New campaign creation process:

3. Source ID bidding

One of the best features that we have built into our new interface is the possibility to bid on single Source IDs (= domains). With this powerful targeting option you have the chance to set a higher CPC for all domains that convert best for you enabling you to get as much traffic as possible. You will find the advanced Source ID bidding in the second step of the campaign creation process. Naturally you can now analyze the statistics of each source id in your interface. 

4. Browser targeting

With the new browser targeting, we offer you an awesome targeting option. If you target just one browser, your campaign will just receive traffic from users operating with that browser. The following browsers are available: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

5. More granular statistics

As well as new targeting options, a much more detailed way to analyze your statistics is also available in the new user interface. You want to know the numbers of auctions, clicks and costs of a user with a specific device, OS, browser and carrier? No problem! Even single Source IDs can be analyzed.

Another new feature is the statistics by hour. Select a maximum of two days and see in which hours your received the most traffic. Awesome, right? Additionally you can use the quick campaign edit to change the CPC, URL for each campaign in milli seconds. That’s what we call user experience.

6. Enhanced traffic estimator

We are sure that you are already familiar with the traffic estimator to find out the volumes, daily uniques and average CPC prices for different keywords or categories. After you have received your results, you can now directly setup a campaign with all selected targeting options. It has never been easier to create a new campaign with the enhanced TONIC. traffic estimator.

We hope that you enjoy our new tools and that we are able to help to increase your ROI with our new interface. Our support team is more than happy to answer all of your questions.