Traffic monetiza­tion with TONIC. in a nutshell.

Looking for an effective way to make the most out of your traffic?

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With TONIC. it’s as easy as it gets. Qualify and monetize your traffic globally with over 1.000 offers starting today and watch your revenues take off!

Why should I use TONIC. for Publishers?

TONIC. offers you the proper tooling to efficiently monetize your Native, Social, Search, Display & Direct Website traffic with the world’s largest search feed. Our trick to achieve the highest-possible conversion rates for your traffic? Doublechecking every user’s interest by confirming it twice.

So how do we do that?

TONIC. passes all monetization flows through PPC landing pages, that we register specifically for you. To achieve an impeccable recognition value and a greater leap of faith, these domain names match the vertical of your campaign. For some traffic types, the monetization flow also includes intermediate content pages. To get an idea on how the different click flows for each traffic type work, check out our clickflow explanation videos.

Those PPC landing pages only contain related keywords mirroring the user’s initial interest. By clicking one of the displayed keywords, the user double-confirms and further specifies their pursuit. Having this information on both, the initial interest (originating ad) and the specific interest (keyword) of the user, allows our feed provider to present highly targeted ads with outstanding conversion rates – hence maximizing your turnover.

Illustration of a possible user click flow

Is TONIC. the perfect fit for you?

Working with us, you don’t become a customer, but our partner. We deeply value mutual trust and a profound partnership when working with you. That’s why we offer our services free of charge.

To benefit best from our services, we have developed a set of requirements and questions that we and you can use to determine whether TONIC. is the right choice for you.

Which goal would you identify as one of your pursuits?

As an owner, I have made it my goal to focus my company's efforts even more on traffic monetization in the future and generate higher revenues in this field. 

As an employee, I am assigned to discover new, innovative revenue streams to meet the company’s revenue goals. 

For general questions or concerns, please consult our FAQ section. 

Long story short: What you may expect from TONIC.

  • Providing more

    Enjoy exclusive access to the world’s leading search feed.

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  • Personal support

    As our partner, you can expect high-class and dedicated account management. We are currently covering all major time zones.

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  • No need to pick favorites

    We got you covered, as we monetize Native, Social, Search, Display & Direct Website traffic.

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  • Over 1.000 offers globally

    We offer all kinds of verticals with almost unlimited demand and in case you’re missing one, just ask us.

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  • Work independently as you wish

    We offer a 100% self-service platform with built-in auto-optimization.

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  • Success measurement

    We provide granular real-time tracking via API, S2S callbacks and Pixels to provide 24/7 peace of mind and maximize the conversion of your campaigns.

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  • Constant traffic quality assurance

    Our business intelligence team has created multiple automated systems that help us in maintaining the highest traffic quality possible.

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  • 24/7 Tech support

    We won’t let you down in the case of technical problems. Our tech support is ready anytime.

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  • “Recht und Ordnung”

    As a Germany-based company we’re complying to high legal standards and always act in accordance with the strict requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Compliance is king

    To protect your revenues, the TONIC. compliance team makes sure that only traffic meeting our quality standards gets sent to the feed.

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  • Never there yet

    We are not standing still. Our teams are constantly working on expanding our services, like creating new relevant geos and offers.

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  • Networking is key

    We make sure to provide APIs and pixels to connect all major platforms like Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain and many more.

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Become part of our exclusive, handpicked publisher community and take advantage of our devoted and highly experienced teams in account management, tech support and compliance.

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Ever wondered who the team behind TONIC. is?

We are more than happy to introduce ourselves. Hop over to our About Us Page for more info on how we work, how TONIC. is structured and what we have to do with the Team Internet AG and the CentralNic Group.

The TONIC. Dreamteam

This is what our current partners could say about us.

  • TONIC. Support was even reachable during Oktoberfest. How do they do that?
  • TONIC. spent more money on my Christmas present than my wife did this year. She’s jealous now.
  • ME: How much money can I make with you?
    TONIC.: YES!
  • My TONIC. Account Manager made me realize that it is the personal connection that really matters… and conversions.
  • A sarcastic “Thank You” to TONIC. — I planned on retiring at 65 and not now. What the heck shall I do with all that free time?
  • Earnings with TONIC. are okay I think. Actually in the past I earned much more money in a short time. Unfortunately, you need at least one kidney to live.
  • I hate TONIC. I am much more of a Vodka-Redbull kind of person.
  • I write better review for 10 Dollars.

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