I’m the Boss.

If you’re experienced in traffic monetization and looking for a solution that helps you maximize your turnover, while reducing your workload with automated features, TONIC. is the right choice for you!

You are not the boss, but an employee: Please click here.

This is what differentiates us from others.

  • We participate in your success, i.e. you come first for us.
  • We pursue common interests on a partnership basis.
  • We are experts in monetization, tracking and reporting.
  • We are your service provider with high-class support when you need us.
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What you may expect from TONIC.

Boost your revenues.

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    High EPCs that are hard to find anywhere else.

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    Exclusive access to the world’s leading search feed.

Full control over your data.

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    Transparency regarding numbers, data and campaign parameters.

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    Enhanced statistics as well as the possibility to monitor your earnings (almost) in real-time.

100% autonomy.

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    Our platforms offers self-service. Plus: We won’t apply any setup fees.

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    Solutions to automate your processes and reduce your workload (API, S2S, Pixels, etc.).

A system that works smoothly and reliably.

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    An easy and quick creative approval process.

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    APIs to use your own systems for the campaign creation with TONIC.

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    Different pixels available to connect the most popular networks.

Your personal task force.

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    A highly trained compliance team, that always keeps an additional pair of eyes on your traffic.

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    Account Management to your preference: Quick to answer your questions and take care of any inquiry.

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    Meet us personally on events around the globe.

Am I eligible to become a TONIC. publisher?

If you could see yourself joining our exclusive club of professional media buyers, and if…

  • you are an experienced Online Marketer and Media Buyer,
  • you want to work with us professionally and you have budget which is more than just “peanuts”,
  • you are looking to expand your existing business or you are searching for new, unlockable revenue streams to fulfill your objectives,

…then please make sure to get in touch with us by filling out our application form.

We select our partnerships very specifically according to certain criteria. This happens for several reasons: First and most importantly, because we closely supervise all accounts and processes, so we can offer you the highest-quality service. Secondly, we do not only respond to the inquiries of our partners as quickly as possible, but also proactively approach them if we have suggestions, tips, etc. That’s why we need to make sure, beforehand, that we’re all on the same page. What do you think?

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