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At TONIC. you can buy highly converting traffic from POP and Domain Redirect on a CPC basis, that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Ad Types

your type.

We offer two kinds of ad types at the moment. Domain Redirect Traffic and Pop-Up Traffic. Both are invoiced by Cost-per-Click (CPC). These traffic sources are high performing and can be optimised even more with our Source-ID bidding feature.

Domain redirect traffic

Domain Redirect Traffic graphic

A user types in his browsers address bar a domain name that is parked with a domain parking company like ParkingCrew. The user gets instantly redirected to your target landing page that you added to your TONIC. campaign.

Domain redirect traffic is also called zero-click traffic, Pay-per-Redirect (PPR) or direct navigation traffic. It all means the same. Check out our domain redirect example to see how it exactly works.

Cost model:
Cost-per-Click (CPC)
Monthly traffic volume:
Best verticals:
E-Commerce, Lead Generation, Mobile Apps, Dating, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Online Games

Pop-Up traffic

Pop-Up Traffic graphic

All of our publishers have to open your landing page in a new window as a full-page ad, within the users browser. Pop traffic is the umbrella term for pop-up, pop-unders, new-tabs and layers. Pop-up traffic works on desktop and mobile devices.

Cost model:
Cost-per-Click (CPC)
Monthly traffic volume:
Best verticals:
Lead Generation, Mobile Apps, Dating, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Online Games


in your ROI.

TONIC. is based on a prepayment system. That means, you need to top-up your account before you can start receiving traffic.

Our marketing department begged us to delete this paragraph. So why did the text make it to the website anyways?
We want to be transparent to you… a) because it helps us to keep support low, but b) because it is fair to you. And this is how we want to make business with you.

Minimum funding:
$ 100 (PayPal/Credit Card)
Anytime ($ 15 charge)
Payment Options:
PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

We can provide you with a proforma invoice for your funding, if required by your finance department.


floats your
boat campaign.

A lot of tools come in handy to help you improve your campaigns and maximize your outcome.

  • Graphic ParkingCrew

    ParkingCrew traffic

    With TONIC. you get exclusive access to parked domains from ParkingCrew. Why? Because TONIC. and ParkingCrew are one company.

  • Graphic Source ID Bidding

    Source ID

    A Source ID is the hash of a domain where the traffic comes from. With that feature, you can give a single Source ID its own CPC, to get as much traffic as possible from a high converting domain.

  • Graphic Conversion Tracking


    TONIC. offers free conversion tracking with a postback (S2S) technology. Track the success of your campaigns directly in the user interface.

  • Graphic multiple targeting

    targeting options

    With TONIC. you can target on country, keywords, categories, Run-of-Network, adult/non adult, device (desktop, mobile, tablet), carrier, OS, browser, Source ID.

  • Graphic Customised Reporting


    Let TONIC. send you daily, weekly or monthly statistics reports about your running campaigns. You just get what you need for optimisation. Not more, not less.

  • Graphic for Worldwide Traffic


    We provide you with traffic from all countries and all specific carriers. Check out the country volumes with our country-volumes overview.

  • Graphic for the API feature


    With the TONIC. API you can create and edit campaigns, pull statistics and even generate reports.

  • Graphic XML/JSON


    With our TONIC. Feed Account, we have designed a solution designated specifically for our feed advertisers. If you, too, have a system in place that connects via XML/JSON, try it out and create your own account here.

Account Types

type are you?

TONIC. offers two different types of accounts:
If you want to create campaigns manually or via API you should apply for our Standard Account. With a chance of 99%, THIS is the type of account you need. With our Feed Account, TONIC. will send you all the available traffic via XML/JSON feed. Our new Feed User Interface enables you to test what works well and adapt traffic to your requirements, immediately and directly in the UI.

Standard Account Feed Account
Typical User Affiliate, Agency, Reseller, Own offers… Network
Minimum Funding $ 100 1000 (non-refundable)
Minimum daily expense $ 0 $ 100
System requirements Modern Internet Browser Real time bidding server system that can process millions of requests/per day in JSON/XML.
Campaign creation User Interface, API Not needed
XML/JSON feed  ×  ✔
API Access  ✔ New!  ✔
Account Manager Monthly expenses >10k  ✔
Conversion Tracking  ✔  ×
Exclusive ParkingCrew traffic  ✔  ✔
Source ID bidding  ✔  ✔
Customised Reporting  ✔  ✔


Each to their your own.

TONIC. traffic is known for the following verticals: E-Commerce, Lead Generation, Mobile Apps, Dating, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Online Games.

Important: There are some verticals that are not allowed to promote with TONIC. Please check our FAQ.

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